When renting the party room: Bring any music, food or drinks you wish - there is a small stereo for you and your guests. The room will be prepared for the number of invited guests and a staff member will start the party off with instructions, answer questions, and help guests whenever you need them to. When you are finished we do all the clean up for you! After your party, we will hold the pieces to glaze and fire them and you can pick them up a few days after your party.


Choosing what to paint: Pick a package for your party-goers from our pre-selected pieces of our most popular pottery which are priced per piece! (Say that three times fast!) For example, if you pick the $16.00 package, we will provide a variety of items for $16.00 each. This price includes everything except the tax (paints, materials, glazing and kiln firing).


If you have a very large group (more than 25) you may choose to have a before or after hours party, and take over the whole studio!


Packages include:

$20.00 - A variety of large figurines & functional items (such as mugs, bowls and plates)

$16.00 - A variety of medium sized figurines

$14.50 (and under) - A variety of our smallest figurines